Book Review: The House On The Hill by Judy Smith

What first drew me to this novel was the great cover art and the categories of ghost story and mystery story. The story is told from the point of view of Jenna who is trying to hold together her family following the revelation of her husband’s affair. The family move away from the London to escape the bad memories and relocate to an old cottage. Jenna soon senses that all is not what it seems at the cottage and begins to dig deeper into the history of the place and uncovers more than she bargained for.

The story skips from the present to a year previously when the affair first came to light and there is a sense of tension in the relationship between Jenna and her husband with him trying to set things right and her wondering how she can ever trust him again, but the uncovered story from the cottage’s former inhabitants informs upon Jenna’s present circumstances in unexpected ways.

The story is very engaging and I had a few moments of genuine goosebumps when I came across some of its more ghostly elements. The ending however was a little inconclusive as I was left wondering whether Jenna had learned anything from what she had discovered as there was still so much tension and uncertainty left in her situation, but that certainly didn’t detract from how enjoyable the story was and I suppose it emphasises that rarely in life is there a doubt-free happy ever after.


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I am a writer and performer from The Midlands, UK.
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