Larks in the Park

On 19th July Loughborough Acoustic Club organised an afternoon of acoustic music at Queen’s Park Cafe. I had a nice little fifteen minute set to do and played a uke set of It’s Time To Go, new song T-Girls Make Me Smile, I’m Fond Of A Train and Christmas In The Pound Shop. My playing was a little bit frayed at the edges but overall I was happy with it.

I now feel that for Heather Music Festival this coming weekend I’d like to do a guitar set and show the best stuff I can. I’m not saying this is the end of the uke or the end of the silly songs but I want to show the best I can do for my last gig of the summer.

There was a fantastic bill of acts on at the park gig: Nick Ellis, Paul Harrison, Allan ‘The Prof’ Hodgson, Frank Johnson & Fiona Maurice-Smith, The Man They Call Fred, Autumn Dawn Leader, Mick Mangan, David Whitelaw, String Theory, Robin Chapman and Mo Shotter & Kevin Barnett showing just how rich Loughborough Acoustic Club is in talent and diversity.



About paulcarden

I am a writer and performer from The Midlands, UK.
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  1. Songmistress says:

    What took me this long to find your blog?

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