Running Down The Clock: Heather 2015

Yesterday I played on the acoustic stage at Heather Music Festival. I made so many changes to the running order of my set before the gig as I sometimes find it difficult to judge what will go down best with a broad audience. Eventually I decided on Man Of A Thousand Faces by Marillion as it’s a good song to kick off with, followed by my songs Don’t Call It Love, Eternal Waters, Mary Said, Amber Night and The Twilight. At that point the soundman told me that the main stage weren’t ready but I’d prepared a short cover of ELO’s Do Ya in case I needed a bit extra, which is why I called the video Running Down The Clock. I was playing to a family audience at that point which is always enjoyable and overall I’m happy with it as it was a good gig to finish off my summer bookings.


I last played at Heather Music Festival in 2008 at the Queen’s Head stage with my drummer Amos Parkinson. Back then we got paid!



About paulcarden

I am a writer and performer from The Midlands, UK.
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One Response to Running Down The Clock: Heather 2015

  1. mark1408 says:

    Paid?! I’m not sure I understand the concept… 🙂

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