Leicester Comedy Festival 2016: Joe Lycett


It might be considered unfair to review work in progress shows, but there is no reason, all allowances given, that a WIP show can’t be great in its own right. I had seen Joe Lycett on TV before but never live, but after this I will try to get to see his current tour as his good stuff is clearly very, very good. Some parts of the show were really funny and there were obviously other bits he was trying out to see if they might progress somewhere. Which is fair enough. It certainly made me want to see his ‘proper’ show so it did its job as a taster for that. The show was great fun, but I’ve found that different sources aren’t always consistent with their information on what level of development to expect from certain shows. I know festivals have a lot of WIP shows, which is fine as long as the information and advertising is consistent and clear.


About paulcarden

I am a writer and performer from The Midlands, UK.
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