Charnwood Minstrel Part 1: The Pineapster Years

I was going to do this as a podcast but quickly realised that my strengths do not lie in that area.
This blog is to introduce you to some of my favourite local musicians from the East Midlands.
My first subject is the band known as ist

ist formed in 2001 and have recorded three albums, Freudian Corduroy, King Martha and Toothpick Bridge which are available from their bandcamp page.
I first met ist in 2005 when I played on a bill with them at The Attik in Leicester. I think they had played at Summer Sundae that afternoon and may have been on the pop. They ended the gig with their trousers round their ankles. They are lovely and and hugely talented musicians and they even let me borrow their very attractive drummer a few times.
Not long after I gigged with ist for the first time I met Kevin Hewick who I got on with instantly as he is really lovely. A week or so after I met him someone pulled out of a gig I was organising and so I asked Kevin if he would fill in and he happily agreed. Kevin is an amazing musician and gives his heart and soul to support the Leicester music scene. His recent albums All Was Numbered and The Heat Of Molten Diamonds are available from his website.

The final act I would like to mention is Mr Plow who has found great acclaim for his dark Americana and even recorded a session for BBC Radio 2.

Mr Plow was another artist I met through Pineapster, an East Midlands music forum. He also played at one of the gigs John Ablitt and I used to organise at The Swan in the Rushes in Loughborough. Two of Mr Plow’s albums are available from his bandcamp page which feature his full band.
So I, an unknown Herbert from Hobbiton, have introduced you, dear discerning reader, to three amazing artistes. You’re welcome.
As I mentioned before, I tried to do this as a podcast but it’s just not what I’m best at. I hope you have enjoyed the videos. I hope to introduce some more amazing acts soon.


About paulcarden

I am a writer and performer from The Midlands, UK.
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