Charnwood Minstrel Part 2: Absent Friends

I thought I’d piggy-back International Women’s Day with a Charnwood Minstrel blog about some hugely talented chums I’d like you all to listen to. I’ve called this one Absent Friends as it covers three artists who used to be based in the East Midlands but have since moved away to pastures new.

The first artist I’d like to mention is the wonderful Hannah Brackenbury from Derby. Hannah is currently based in Brighton and writes wonderful comedy songs influenced by Victoria Wood and Tim Minchin. Her new CD ‘Jumbled’ will be available on her current tour during April and her previous album ‘Postcard From Brighton’ is available on her Bandcamp page.

The next artist on my hitlist tonight is Alice Rock. I first me Alice when she was a solo acoustic act from Kegworth. She is now based on London with Tabby who forms the other half of her band. She painstakingly recorded her first album on her own, the second was a transitional step with Tabby on drums and the third album, ‘Kill Or Cure’, was really well mastered and sounded terrific.

The final artist I would like to mention is Fay Brotherhood, originally based in Coalville and now  residing down Welwyn Garden City-way. Fay has a wonderfully strong and rich voice and writes magnificent folky songs. She also happens to be a wonderful fine artist as well as being an exceptional musician. Fay’s music can also be found on bandcamp.


About paulcarden

I am a writer and performer from The Midlands, UK.
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