Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden review

Steve Harris has often expressed his disappointment with the first Iron Maiden album, but its raw roots are its strength. Even if the band were doing their best with a producer who didn’t seem interested (Wil Malone), what they ended up with was amazing. The ferocity of Prowler leads into the prog rock of Remember Tomorrow with Paul D’Ianno showing what an amazing singer he was during Maiden’s early years. Running Free remained a favourite encore for a long time and provided Maiden with the first of their few Top of the Pops appearances. Phantom of the Opera is one of the great Maiden classics, immortalised on the Daley Thompson Lucozade advert in the 80s. The version on Live After Death features an arguably better dual guitar section due to Dave Murray and Adrian Smith’s telepathic guitar harmonies (Dennis Stratton and Dave featuring on this album version). Transylvania is a superb instrumental with too much going on to become self indulgent or boring. Strange World is another early foray into prog rock, showing Steve’s progressive influences, including Genesis. This is another showcase for Dave Murray’s beautiful guitar solos and a very restrained Paul D’Ianno showing the richness of his voice. Charlotte The Harlot brings the album back down to its raw, punky roots but includes a slow, melodic mid-section, giving a hint at the depth of Dave Murray’s early songwriting. Finally we have the band’s title song that has ended their main live set for many, many years. The words are largely irrelevant, apart from “Iron Maiden’s gonna get you,” which, in all probability, they will. They got me a very long time ago.


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