Leicester Comedy Festival 2017 Part 1

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer

The Leicester Comedy Festival is always one of the highlights of my year and I always book the shows I want see as soon as they are announced. This year I only booked to see six shows and this blog covers the first four.
My first show was Stewart Lee: Content Provider at De Montfort Hall. In his show last year he was running-in half-hour blocks of material for his TV show but this year was his first themed show since Carpet Remnant World. It was excellent stuff, dealing with the state of flux in the world of politics and other more unusual topics.

The second show I saw was Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer’s Dandy Valentine at The Y Theatre. I’m a huge fan of Mr B and enjoyed the fact that he played a lot more of his original material, whilst also including a couple of his hilarious mash-ups. The Y’s grand piano was brought into service and one of the songs he played on it was It Doesn’t Pay To Turn Up Late To An Orgy which was hilarious. I also bought his new album, There’s A Rumpus Going On, after the show.

I don’t like to be negative in my blog if I can help it but I’ll just say that a show I saw at The Cookie on Friday 17th left me feeling like I’d been preached at rather than cheered up. Perhaps the comedian concerned caught me on a bad day, but I watched Katherine Ryan on Netflix when I got home so she ended up cheering me up instead.

The last show I’ll mention in this part is Sue Perkins’ show Spectacles, based on her autobiography. It was wonderfully funny and ended with a hilarious Q&A where she would answer each audience member’s question by launching into another hysterical story. I think if the questions had been allowed to keep coming she would have had everyone in stitches all night.

My next two shows will be Josie Long and Zoe Lyons.


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I am a writer and performer from The Midlands, UK.
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