Leicester Comedy Festival 2017 review part 2

The problem with Josie Long’s show at The Y Theatre was caused by six people in the front row who had come because they had heard that she was good. They then insisted on talking throughout and making bar runs during the show because bizarrely the bar was somehow serving while the show was on. They seemed to think the show was just for their benefit and didn’t care about anyone else. They were rude, selfish and ignorant. With a narrative comedian interruptions disrupt the show a great deal and Josie Long was too nice to pounce on them and tell them to shut up. Perhaps the before-show karaoke removed an important barrier between performer and audience that should have stayed in place. Despite this, Josie Long’s show was good, but I preferred her Cara Josephine show which was less political and less evangelistic about political activism. Support act Grace Petrie was excellent but selling CDs on the stage during the interval for an awfully long time made an already late-running show even later.
Zoe Lyons at Peter’s Pizzaria was a thoroughly enjoyable show with a very enthusiastic audience. It’s a great little venue and Zoe Lyons’ performances are always really funny, whether she’s doing a tour show, a guest spot or a new material night. This show was part of her Little Misfit tour and was a great showcase for her quirky observations, silly voices and characterisations. She makes important points about politics and social issues but never in a preachy way and she always makes it funny. One of my favourite comedians and a great way to end the festival for me this year.

Stewart Lee, Sue Perkins, Zoe Lyons and Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer were really enjoyable shows. Josie Long’s show was only spoilt by rude audience members, and I just felt Tiff Stevenson’s show was too preachy.

With more people going to shows than ever before in 2017 it’s great to see Leicester Comedy Festival doing so well.


About paulcarden

I am a writer and performer from The Midlands, UK.
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